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Jim Wallace, September 2012


I’d almost forgotten why I never spend much time anymore down on the Mornington Peninsula, the place where I grew up and where my family still lives. That was until I was walking along the Esplanade this afternoon, admiring the sunshine and the sound of the waves crashing, when some yob yelled “

The insular Peninsula: A wonderfully spot-on articulation of how empty going ‘home’ can feel.

ACL obsession for (gay) men.

Since I posted this to Twitter, it’s been shared all over the place and mentioned in a few media outlets.

Here’s the background:

I went through the ACL’s archives and did a count of every press release they’ve issued since January this year. In almost six months, LGBT-related issues took up a huge portion of their output, making up 122 out of 276 mentions. I took into account all press releases, the content in their Political Spot podcast, as well as links to external news articles in which the ACL was quoted, to get a rough picture of what their priorities are. I wasn’t massively surprised by the results and I think it’s something that the media needs to pay closer attention to before they go to the ACL for their dial-a-quote on a variety of subjects.

What does it say about this ‘Christian’ lobby that, of all the problems we face, of all the terrible things in the world, their major preoccupation is with making sure loving, committed same sex couples are discriminated against?

When Obama endorsed same-sex marriage…


… I felt the love:

high fiving



"Gay history." Or as I like to call it, "history."

Get your Roxon

"I am not a believer. I come from a Jewish heritage on my father’s side, and they fled from Europe just in time before World War II, and certainly came to Australia pleased that religion was not a dominant force in the way that would see them persecuted. He was a non-believing Jew essentially, marrying a non-believing Anglican, and sent me off to a Methodist school where I didn’t believe very much either. But I don’t have the antagonism to religion that some others have had. I think religion can be a force for good in the world, I think we just have to be prepared to be honest when it isn’t.

Australian Attorney General Nicola Roxon.


In light of the Republican war on women, let’s just remember this happened way back in the 90s. And it was rad.

She got impregnated by her troglodytic half-brother.

So, God doesn’t work, science doesn’t work and consumerism definitely doesn’t work, so where do you end up? You end up back with each other, there’s nowhere else to go. People. You have a very important, early decision to make in your life; are you going to be alone, or are you going to be with somebody else? Are you going to be sane, or not lonely?
Dylan Moran (via jaythemaniac)

It seems cliche until you realise it’s the perfect analogy.

Civil unions, is it all a load of bollocks? Yes it is.


It seems cliche until you realise it’s the perfect analogy.

Civil unions, is it all a load of bollocks? Yes it is.